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Hello! It’s been awhile since I’ve updated the blog. I’m working on transitioning to a new blogging platform this winter, and hopefully I will have more updates after that point. Thank you for following and taking a look!


A great tool for wedding planning: the OneWed app!

It’s hard to believe how far technology has come in a few short years. Back when I was wedding planning almost 6 years ago, I had a huge three-ring binder full of inspiration, contracts, ideas, and cutouts from magazines. Today, with smartphones, iPads, and sites like Pinterest, you can consolidate all your planning in one virtual place.

OneWed, a wedding planning site for brides, has introduced a new Wedding Inspiration iPad app. I’m always looking for ways to save time, so I thought some of my readers might enjoy this app. You can get a glimpse of the app via the photo below. If you want to download the app to test it out yourself, you can find it here.

OneWed Wedding Inspiration App

Happy Wedding Planning!

Disclaimer: I advertise as a photography vendor on OneWed.com.

Day 1261 – What Do You Get When You Put A Bunch Of Photographers In A Studio With Christmas Props?

Check out this great post by Jennilyn of Unveiled Faces by Jen! We had a great time recently at a photographer meetup in the area. All the details (pictures included!) are in Jennilyn’s blog (above)!


Today we did a little networking. Normally, I go to networking events, meetups, classes, etc. by myself. Sometimes I’ll meetup with a local photographer to travel to the event together. But today I got to take not one but two of my favorite people! Bret and Shawna! Bret is normally in class or working, so I’m thankful for his little break. I was also glad that Shawna was available too! She is a dear friend, who we call the Amazing Shawna Sherrell…she photographed OUR wedding, by the way. You know someone is an awesome photographer when they are chosen to photograph a fellow photographer’s wedding. We don’t call her the Amazing Shawna Sherrell for nothing. Seriously, I’ll talk about Shawna and Bret will say, “the Amazing Shawna Sherrell”? It was so much fun having traveling buddies into the heart of DC.

The meetup was at Moshe Zusman’s photography studio…

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Shawna Sherrell Photography Published in Wedding411 Summer 2012 Magazine

Last fall, I had the opportunity to photograph a lovely bride and groom – Carisa & Rob – who held their wedding at the Hunt Valley Golf Club, a scenic locationin Baltimore County, Maryland. They were recently interviewed for the article, “For the Love of Golf” in the Maryland Summer 2012 edition of Wedding411 magazine, which describes the wonderful world of golf-themed weddings.

You can check out a picture that I took of them on their wedding day playing on the putting green! You’ll find this image by Shawna Sherrell Photography on page 279 in the digital version and page 277 in the printed version.

Congratulations to Carisa & Rob! It was a pleasure photographing your day and being a part of this article with you!

Taneytown Wedding Photographer – Nikki & Dom – Antrim 1844

In early November, I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Nikki’s & Dom’s wedding at the beautiful Antrim 1844 in Taneytown, Maryland. The day was gorgeous and Nikki and Dom were married at the most perfect time of day – right before sunset, when the lighting was exquisite! The ceremony was one of the most moving ones I’ve had the honor of witnessing – the pastor completely encapsulated the joys and realities of marriage. I was happy to have Jennilyn Gaitan of Unveiled Faces by Jennilyn help me out as a second photographer. Click on the image below to view a short video with some of my favorites from the day!

Antrim 1844 Wedding

A Contest for Brides & Grooms – OneWed’s “Show Your Platinum Promotion”

I was recently informed via email about a fun contest for any brides-to-be or grooms-to-be who have a platinum engagement ring! OneWed’s “Show Your Platinum Promotion” is going on now. You can enter to win a gorgeous platinum wedding band set (worth nearly $3,000) courtesy of Platinum Guild International by doing the following:

  1. Submit the entry form on the “Win Platinum Bands” tab of OneWed’s Facebook fan page
  2. Upload a photo of your platinum engagement ring to OneWed’s Facebook wall, along with a caption explaining why your love will never fade & always endure

I know everyone loves contests and when you’re planning a wedding, why not try to win something for free? Good luck to all who may enter!

Disclaimer: I advertise my photography services in OneWed’s vendor directory on their website.

An Unexpected Visitor

During today’s headshot photo session, the last one I’ll be doing prior to maternity leave, we received an unexpected visitor. Out of the woods came a huge turtle – one of the largest I’ve actually seen without being at the zoo! We weren’t sure what type of turtle it was, but my husband, our resident turtle expert, promptly identified it as a snapping turtle. We’re guessing it was on its way to the pond, where it was going to catch some lunch (it was about lunch time, at any rate!). The turtle was not perturbed at all by the camera, or that I was within 2 feet of it – in fact, it actually started walking towards me, and I had to back up to focus the camera. I learned later these turtles have extremely powerful jaws (hence, snapping) and can charge you, so obviously, as with anything in nature, it’s important to be respectful. We didn’t stay to watch the turtle continue on its journey to water, but we did have fun being in the right place at the right time!

Shawna Sherrell Photography
Shawna Sherrell Photography