An Unexpected Visitor

During today’s headshot photo session, the last one I’ll be doing prior to maternity leave, we received an unexpected visitor. Out of the woods came a huge turtle – one of the largest I’ve actually seen without being at the zoo! We weren’t sure what type of turtle it was, but my husband, our resident turtle expert, promptly identified it as a snapping turtle. We’re guessing it was on its way to the pond, where it was going to catch some lunch (it was about lunch time, at any rate!). The turtle was not perturbed at all by the camera, or that I was within 2 feet of it – in fact, it actually started walking towards me, and I had to back up to focus the camera. I learned later these turtles have extremely powerful jaws (hence, snapping) and can charge you, so obviously, as with anything in nature, it’s important to be respectful. We didn’t stay to watch the turtle continue on its journey to water, but we did have fun being in the right place at the right time!

Shawna Sherrell Photography
Shawna Sherrell Photography


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